ObjectSecurity OT.AI Platform | v1.0.0 Release Notes

Modified on Wed, 08 Feb 2023 at 11:12 AM

What's New - Release Notes for the most recent version of the ObjectSecurity OT.AI Platform. Previous version Release Notes can be accessed here.

Note on release

This release is a GA release. 


What's changed with this release:

What's New:

  1. Flash alerts feature: the SUPERADMIN can now generate Flash Alerts which can be read by every user in an organization.
  2. There is now an OT vulnerability RSS feed on the Dashboard.
  3. Unassessable files are now given a reason for being unassessable: their mime-type is displayed.

What's Updated:

  1. The Login, Pincode Login, EULA, Set Password, and Google Authentication Pages have been given an updated look and feel.
  2. ThreatAI assessments have improved accuracy: Double Free Check and Access Free Memory Check.
  3. More routes have been added to the OpenAPI page.
  4. All loading spinners now have a consistent look and size.

What's Been Removed:

  1. The Reanalyze Asset option has been removed, as it was non-functional.

This update has added a number of features to enhance usability, organization, and the look and feel of the ObjectSecurity OT.AI Platform.

Feature details

New Feature: Flash Alerts

With the addition of the Flash Alerts feature, the super admin may now post organization-wide priority alerts. When a flash alert is posted, each user in the organization managed by the super admin will receive notice of the alert in the corner of their screen.

New Feature: National Vulnerability RSS Feed

With the addition of the National Vulnerability RSS Feed, the user may easily access the most recently published CWEs- pulled directly from the MITRE database.

New Feature: Unassessable Reasoning Specification

When binaries are deemed unassessable, more reasoning for their unassessability is provided.

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